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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is pretty simple.


Cookies are used to track visitor movement through this site. This process does NOT collect any personal information about you. Cookies are used in limited places to present different content that may be of interest to you depending on selections you make, or to assist us in analysing visitor statistics.

Subscription Services

If you subscribe to any of our subscription or RSS feed services, we usually only ask for your name and valid email address – and maybe an extra question or two to help us to better target the particular content you have requested.

You can be assured that our subscription services are 100% compliant with all anti-spam legislation, and any messages received by you (once you confirm your opt-in to our subscription services) will:

  • readily identify that the email comes from us, including the abbreviation [OMF] in the subject of the message, and our street address in the body of the message, and
  • contains a link enabling you to easily cancel your subscription at any time.

Your details are only ever used to supply the specific service stated with each particular subscription.

They will never be lent, sold or given away to any other party.

Other Personal Data

The only other personal data that may be collected is associated with your purchase of products sold by this site, and is used to assist in the delivery and servicing of that product.


For any enquiries about our privacy policy, please direct them to:

Stephen Spry
PO Box 362, Laurieton, NSW 2443 Australia
Telephone: +61 (2) 6559 8666 – GMT +10

Email Contact : stephen [at]