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Akismet Explained

This page carries a bad language or offensive behaviour warning… seriously!

We’re about to go and check out the variety of comment and trackback spam you will be subjected to with your blog. Much of it is totally useless, and a lot of it most people will find offensive.

So be warned… it may not be for the faint hearted 🙂

And all I can say is thank God for Akismet – it’s a great WordPress plugin which prevents these losers from taking over your site!

Akismet Spam Trapper
Duration: 5 min 19 secs – File size: 9.5 MB (opens in new window)

Video Summary:

  • This video explains WHY you need some sort of spam protection for your WordPress Installation
  • The WordPress plugin Akismet comes standard with WordPress 2.5 + and is definitely worth installing.
  • A API key is needed to activate this plugin.
  • The range of examples shown demonstrate how prolific the problem of comment and trackback spam is.
  • It’s worth checking your spam queue at least once a week to determine if Akismet accidentally trapped any genuine comments.
  • However authentic they might look, most trackback spam is NOT worth acknowledging with a return link from your site.
  • Check each originating site if in doubt, and decide whether YOU would really want to link back to it.


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