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What’s The Biggest Single Reason People Don’t Make It Online?

There were probably almost fifty “excuses” – sorry, reasons – on the previous page which people give as their reason why they fail online.

But really, there is only one reason!

And it’s probably not going to be something that will make you jump up and down with joyful revelation because it’s one of those things I’m very sure you’ve heard a lot about before… but probably still have NOT done anything about it!

So let me ask you right now…

Do You Have A Written PLAN?

Have you documented EXACTLY what you want to achieve online and how you are going to go about doing it? Do you have a LIST of things you must do to get there?

Hey… I’d be prepared to put money on it that you are one of the 4 out of 5 people who WON’T have written down a plan that you can follow!

WITH A PLAN… you can deal with all the other “excuses” and develop tactics to deal with them!

A plan will help you focus more on what YOU have to do. You’ll avoid a lot of the distraction and ignore the information overload from the daily guru email bombardment!

You’ll be able to better plan your time, and manage your projects!

And the first step to creating a plan is to actually decide…

What IS it that you are actually doing online?

What “business” model are you basing your online business on?

Are you:

  • setting up membership sites?
  • reselling MRR and PLR products?
  • writing your own products?
  • working mainly on e-bay?
  • selling physical products?
  • drop-shipping?
  • developing content sites?
  • dabbling with audio and video?
  • reselling affiliate products?
  • building directories?
  • setting up your own affiliate programs?
  • etc. etc. etc.
There are hundreds of different “things” you could do!

But do you know precisely what it is that you ARE doing (or want to do), and WHO are you targeting with your preferred model?

If you can’t exactly specify what it is you are doing… then STOP whatever else you are doing and work that out right now!

Because that is the FIRST step… and dictates everything else you do!

I’ll come back to some more detail on planning a little later! For now… here’s some highly…

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One Response to “What’s The Biggest Single Reason People Don’t Make It Online?”

  1. JJ on June 28th, 2009 5:34 am

    This is exactly the kind of chalk talk that needs to be embedded in the average go-getters mind. It doesn’t take very long for even the greatest of minds to lack the sensibility that can come from an intense seminar or free tele-seminar. Once the momentum to carry something believable and achievable forward has a chance to settle too long without any ripples left, it becomes harder and harder to regenerate that same ripple-effect.

    In so doing, a website and online presence that will serve you and the community well is one that has a specific purpose and raises public awareness instead of just advertise.

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