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Five Steps To Getting Started OnLine…

With a plethora of material available on the ‘net on how to make money online, it is surprising that the actual end result for many people who attempt to set up their own home based business online is not particularly pretty! And the main reason for this is that, with the excitement of it all, […]

Continuity Programs – Getting Started OnLine – Part 8

Perhaps the “best” way to make money online – or offline for that matter – is to develop some sort on “continuity” program, where a recurring fee is charged to allow customers to continue to use that service. The first example of this you would have already met online is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) […]

Making Money From Affiliate Programs – Getting Started OnLine – Part 7

The idea of Affiliate Programs is quite simple… Your send your visitors or customers to a related merchant site. If they buy, you earn a commission, which can range anywhere from 2% for some physical products, to up to 100% for info-products. But it’s a numbers game! A very BIG numbers game! And unless you […]

19 Common Blogging Terms

Blogs have definitely got their own unique vocabulary. So if you get stuck with a new word that relates to blogging, look here for your unofficial answer: Blogger – The person who owns the blog. Blog Hopping – Hopping from one blog to another by clicking on link after link, usually starting with a blogroll. […]

Get With The (OnLine Video Marketing) Program

I’ve been a little engrossed over the last few days… experimenting with something I know I MUST get my head around… and that’s using video to enhance my online marketing! Why? Well… it’s just the way it is 🙂 It’s the way the Internet is going, and if you aren’t keeping up with it… well […]

Got A

The problems with having a really long domain name, are: they take forever to type making typos can send you to the wrong place aren’t easy to remember look STUPID in email marketing when the links wrap to several lines, and when using keywords in your file names, the link can become even longerer! For […]

Monetisation Through Advertising – Getting Started Online – Part 6

In Part 5 of this series I implored you to make building a list your number one objective in your web site monetisation strategy. Building a list implies follow-up marketing with your prospects and earning money from the highly profitable “back-end” (or hidden from the general public) communications you make. But before we get to […]

Monetization and List Building – Getting Started Online – Part 5

In the fifth part of this series on getting started in an online business, it’s time to look at how you are going to earn money from your brilliant idea! In other words… “monetization” (or monetisation depending on what part of the world you are from). As you would expect, there are ALSO countless ways […]

First Steps To Getting Started In An Internet Business – Part 4

When I first started my research into the Internet Marketing niche, I thought that I might concentrate on two things. The first was selling resell rights products. After all… someone else has already gone to the trouble of creating it, so you don’t have to! All you have to do is sell it… and rake […]

Web Site Hosting 101

For your information to be seen on the ‘net, it must be “hosted” on a computer permanently connected to the Internet. That computer uses special web server software, which allows your web pages to be shown to people who want to see them in their web browser. There are many places you can host your […]

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