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Why I “Hate” E-Commerce (Catalog) Sites

Maybe “hate” is a little strong… but I definitely “dislike” e-commerce/catalog type sites for lots of reasons… But mainly these three: Problem #1 – Product, Product, Product They only ever seem to be about “product”! Pages and pages of product, product and more product… and not much else. Now I know that sounds a little […]

What’s Your Email Address Say About You?

Having your email addresses set up correctly will make a big difference to the perceived “professionalism” of your online business, and help you win the battle over spam! For example, would you rather deal with: 1. someone @ OR 2. yourname @ I think you know which one looks better from a business […]

Taking Things To The Next Level

Things start to really tick over in this section… You’ll start to pick up a lot more than basic information from the items in this category. Here a lot of the basic concepts explained here are expanded on significantly, filling in a lot of the “blanks” that can often limit your progression from newbie marketer […]

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