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One Week Post Launch… What’s Happened?

I’ve been watching Google closely every since I officially “launched” the OMF site just six days ago, specifically looking for three things:

  1. – to see how many pages have been indexed.
  2. the key phrase “online marketing fundamentals” – to see where I rank in the index for that phrase
  3. the key words – online marketing fundamentals – that’s the same as #2 but without the quote marks – to see where I rank for that combination of key words.
Today, 23rd March, Google reported:
#1 – 15 pages showing in Google’s index
#2 – the site had the 3rd and 4th listing out of 4,430 for the key phrase (see image below)
Online Marketing Fundamentals Google Listing 23 March

#3 – the site was listed 10th and 11th out of 557,000 for the key words (the first time it has shown up in the top 100 for this particular search)

What’s Been Done To Achieve This?

March 12 – I made a post on another blog site about a technique used to migrate an existing site to the WordPress platform. This article referred to a URL on the main OMF web site. Google picked up that link and indexed that page within a couple of days.

March 17 – the “official” launch of the OMF site – when the “privacy” options were removed, which allowed:
1. search engines in to visit and index the 30 odd pages on the site, and
2. the update services to be pinged/notified when new posts were published.

Around the same time (16th March) I also included another link to the OMF site from my Internet Marketing blog, in the form of an article, and a link from every page on the site (in the blogroll).

Other Major Search Engines?

There’s nothing showing at for any of the key searches in first 100 results.

And there’s only one lonely result at – the first article written on the 12th March.

I will keep an eye on these, I’m but not really concerned about them as they can be a tad slow at getting the message. And (in my experience with my other sites) the number of referrals from these search engines is usually pretty poor when compared to Google.


So… now the indexing is underway, it’s time to build links to the OnLine Marketing Fundamentals site with some carefully chosen anchor text in the links.

I’ll shortly add a few more links from some of the other Internet properties I own – but this will be done gradually, or “naturally” as the search engines prefer it.

A few more new posts with appropriate keyword tags so they appear in sites like Technorati etc are also going to be needed.

What Might Happen Next?

Well, since it’s a competitive area, the site may get “sandboxed” by Google. This is a place where Google can make new sites “go play” in for a few months, until we actually prove our worth. And until then, we won’t appear too well in the search results.

But then again, with some good articles, relevant new posts, and proper incoming links over the next little while, we might actually avoid the sandbox.

While I’ll be checking every week or so to see what does happen, only time will tell.

Update… 24th March

I added three new posts on the evening of 23 March. How long do you think they took to appear in Google?

Here’s another screenshot I just took on the morning of 24th March which shows…

Next day google listing

all three new posts already appear in Google – and it took LESS THAN 8 hours to do so!

Could one of those brand new pages possibly rank at #1 for a broad keyword search i.e. without “” marks? You bet it could! #1 out of 8,000 plus pages:
Number one listing

What about the post I wrote this morning (24 March)? Guess when it showed up in Google’s index? Within FOUR hours!
On Google in under four hours!

Sidebar… if you were to submit a site manually to Google, it could take several months to appear!

Such is the POWER of this Web 2.0 stuff using WordPress, pinging update services, rss feeds etc. If you aren’t using it yet, do you need any more arm twisting to convince you???


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