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So Whats YOUR Plan?

That was the subject of an email I received earlier this week from Peggy Baron. In that email, she outlined the plan she has developed for the future of her Internet business!

Now this is important, because as you may have already discovered, there’s a mind-boggling array of internet business models you “could” follow…

It is so vital that you don’t try to chase all of them, or you’ll just end up going around in ever-increasing circles of frustration!

Peggy looked long and hard at her skill-set and her ambitions, her strengths and interests, and discovered one thing she really enjoys doing… and does it well. And as Peggy says… that just about excludes housework!

Peggy can write… well! And with a strong belief in the value that good PLR articles can provide for other people, is “branching out” into that field – or maybe that should be “consolidating”… I’m not sure.

So go check out the Peggy Baron blog and get a taste of what an emerging Internet Marketer can do and how to go about doing it!

She’s got some great eCourses and pdf’s to download that you should have a look at!

And Then Ask Yourself…

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Your abilities and interests? Your (realistic) online ambitions?

What clues do THEY provide about the type of online business model you should follow?


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