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Scalable Media Hosting with Amazon S3

Looking for reliable and inexpensive hosting for your “big” media (audio and video) files? Then the Amazon S3 service might just be what you need!

This article explains how to easily go about setting things up using Amazon S3.

Why use Amazon S3 For Media Files?

Quite simply – video and audio are bandwidth hogs – as well as being processor intensive activities.

Most shared web hosting servers will crumble under any half decent load, so put up a lot of video that is getting looked at often… you’ll find your whole site is pulled off the air because of your “abuse” of the system.

The simplest solution is to move all your big media files over to S3 and host from there. The pricing is extremely competitive and you only pay for what you use.

And if your video ever gets so-o-o-o popular, your server won’t die under the load. This is scalable and uses the same server systems that Amazon itself uses.

I’m certainly going to be looking at putting all the new video I plan to create, onto S3 as soon as I get it done!

Use of this service does require an Amazon Web Services account so sign up for AWS here then go read the article and find out how to sign up and use Amazon S3 to host your media files.

P.S. The article contains easy instructions on how to make it look like the files are coming from your domain (more professional) instead of from the amazon server.


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