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The “Softly Softly” Launch

I’m pleased to announce that after about eighteen days of part-time tweaking and writing lots of fresh content (some 28 pages now on the site) that I’ve pressed the “go” button and have officially launched the “OnLine Marketing Fundamentals” web site.

Pressing the “go” button involved turning off the “privacy” option in WordPress and writing some new posts to ping some of the update services that the site exists, and also doing a little bit of linking from a couple other of my sites and registering this site with a couple of social bookmarking sites.

There’s deliberately no great fanfare involved… no hype or build up or anything like that which normally accompanies a product launch.

And the reason for that?

Well… Apart from the fact I really hate hype… I actually want to build this resource and grow it into something that becomes valuable to you. Not “launch” a pretend-to-be-finished product and then move onto something else!

So, over the next six weeks or so – aiming towards then end of April 2008 – I’m planning on adding LOTS of brand new, never before seen content here so that, at the very least, the basics of setting up a business online are covered in depth.

After that, once you’ve got a solid grounding on the essentials, I’ll start exploring some more advanced material to present to you.

Please keep in touch with the email updates, and make sure you comment on the posts, or tell me what you would like to see on this site!

To your online success!

Stephen Spry


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