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So Whats YOUR Plan?

That was the subject of an email I received earlier this week from Peggy Baron. In that email, she outlined the plan she has developed for the future of her Internet business! Now this is important, because as you may have already discovered, there’s a mind-boggling array of internet business models you “could” follow… It […]

What’s Your Email Address Say About You?

Having your email addresses set up correctly will make a big difference to the perceived “professionalism” of your online business, and help you win the battle over spam! For example, would you rather deal with: 1. someone @ OR 2. yourname @ I think you know which one looks better from a business […]

Interesting Times @ eBay For Digital Publishers

Marketing your offerings using eBay has been, for a long time, a very viable option for digital publishers… until now. You see, eBay has decided that goods that can be digitally delivered can no longer be offered for sale through its auction listings. Instead, they now can only be listed under the very generic “Everything […]

Make Or Break Internet Business Models

There’s a bewildering array of different “things” you could do online… of different business models you could implement with your online business. You could easily include several models concurrently into your specific plan so you can have the “multiple streams of income” that everyone says you just must have! However, the trouble begins when you […]

Give Yourself a New Lease Of Life

A few months ago I “treated” myself to a new “brand-name” PC with Vista installed because I was tired of the unreliability of the PC I had… And for the past few months, this “new” computer has been behaving like a dinosaur! Big, slow lumbering piece of outdated junk! Considering it took over EIGHT MINUTES […]

On Google In Under Ten Minutes!

In a previous post yesterday I was raving on about how quickly Google is coming to visit and index the pages on the OnLine Marketing Fundamentals web site. I thought it was pretty amazing stuff that when I did a search at Google to see which pages had been indexed, to see new posts […]

Easily Record Your Flashes of Inspiration

There’s one thing I’m never short of, and that’s ideas! There are thousands of them flowing around inside my head at any time of the day and night… That makes it very interesting when I’m trying to get to sleep sometimes too! And as I surf around the ‘net and do my “research” I always […]

Domain Name Basics

An Internet domain name is used to identify a particular web site or business on the Internet. Think of it in terms of a “easily human recognisable address or location of an Internet business”. For example, the very recognisable! A domain name is, simply, a name, followed by a dot (.) followed by an […]

Domain Names and the Domain Name System (DNS)

Computers think in terms of numbers. Each computer that is connected to the Internet (including yours, right now) has its own unique number – an IP address (IP = Internet Protocol). And that unique address tells other computers how and where to find it. Now the trouble with that – from a human perspective – […]

Adwords Keyword Tool Treasure

The Google Adwords keyword tool is often used for keyword research to generate keyword ideas by the bucketload! However there’s a fairly obvious but very underutilized option you should have a close look at. Normally once you click in to the Adwords keyword tool, you see this: Most people just enter the keywords they want […]

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