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One Week Post Launch… What’s Happened?

I’ve been watching Google closely every since I officially “launched” the OMF site just six days ago, specifically looking for three – to see how many pages have been indexed.the key phrase “online marketing fundamentals” – to see where I rank in the index for that phrasethe key words – online marketing fundamentals – […]

Scalable Media Hosting with Amazon S3

Looking for reliable and inexpensive hosting for your “big” media (audio and video) files? Then the Amazon S3 service might just be what you need! This article explains how to easily go about setting things up using Amazon S3. Why use Amazon S3 For Media Files? Quite simply – video and audio are bandwidth hogs […]

The “Softly Softly” Launch

I’m pleased to announce that after about eighteen days of part-time tweaking and writing lots of fresh content (some 28 pages now on the site) that I’ve pressed the “go” button and have officially launched the “OnLine Marketing Fundamentals” web site. Pressing the “go” button involved turning off the “privacy” option in WordPress and writing […]

Building Web Sites With WordPress

Let’s take a look at how this current version (as at March 17, 2008) of the OnLine Marketing Fundamentals web site has been put together. I’ll explain why certain things have been done so you can get a better idea of what’s needed to develop your own web site. I’ve deliberately chosen to use WordPress […]

What’s The Biggest Single Reason People Don’t Make It Online?

In the offline world, ask any retailer why things might be a bit “slow”… and you’ll end up with heaps of different reasons! I think they have a different one for every day of the year! And in the online world, if you were to ask e-tailers (is there such a word?) why things aren’t […]

Avoid Becoming The Next Internet Disaster!

nid_ebook.jpgIt’s a sad but true fact that the vast majority of people who try to make it online – 96% of them – bomb out! If you’d like to see how the 4% do succeed, then Stuart Stirling’s new report “The Next Internet Disaster” shows you how to avoid becoming the next Internet Marketing Disaster in 2008, and actually make some big profits online. And there’s a funny “disaster” attached to this product launch you’ve just got to check out…

STOP Looking For This

I really want to save you an enormous amount of trouble and wasted time… by showing you right here what everyone who wants to set up online is looking for on the Internet. Here it is! And it’s the only place on the whole internet you’ll find it… Seriously… now that you’ve found it… Please […]

What Tools Are Used Here?

Often when you are surfing around the web, you see a site that you like and start asking yourself a lot of questions like… “How did they do that?” and “What resources did they use?” and “Why did they do it that way? Often it’s almost impossible (especially with little or no experience yourself) to […]

Cash Pulling Copy – Free Download

Discover the secrets to creating sales copy so powerful you could put your message on a soggy beermat and sell more product than you could imagine! Do you want to learn some extremely powerful, highly persuasive methods for grabbing more cash from your prospects? Heck… who doesn’t! Just enter your details below and you’ll have […]

Getting Pretty Serious Now!

I have to warn you… I don’t proclaim to be an expert or a guru myself! My “expertise” comes from being self-taught and self-employed full-time online as a web designer since 1995. In that time, I’ve designed sites for many clients (from small businesses to large corporates) and have developed a small swag of my […]

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