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Know Thy Neighbours

The vast majority of people use web hosting services which are shared with hundreds of other web sites. As explained in Web Site Hosting 101 this can create problems for you if one of your “neighbours” on that shared computer does stupid or bad things! So it’s probably a very good idea to get to […]

Got A

The problems with having a really long domain name, are: they take forever to type making typos can send you to the wrong place aren’t easy to remember look STUPID in email marketing when the links wrap to several lines, and when using keywords in your file names, the link can become even longerer! For […]

Monetisation Through Advertising – Getting Started Online – Part 6

In Part 5 of this series I implored you to make building a list your number one objective in your web site monetisation strategy. Building a list implies follow-up marketing with your prospects and earning money from the highly profitable “back-end” (or hidden from the general public) communications you make. But before we get to […]

Monetization and List Building – Getting Started Online – Part 5

In the fifth part of this series on getting started in an online business, it’s time to look at how you are going to earn money from your brilliant idea! In other words… “monetization” (or monetisation depending on what part of the world you are from). As you would expect, there are ALSO countless ways […]

First Steps To Getting Started In An Internet Business – Part 4

When I first started my research into the Internet Marketing niche, I thought that I might concentrate on two things. The first was selling resell rights products. After all… someone else has already gone to the trouble of creating it, so you don’t have to! All you have to do is sell it… and rake […]

Web Site Hosting 101

For your information to be seen on the ‘net, it must be “hosted” on a computer permanently connected to the Internet. That computer uses special web server software, which allows your web pages to be shown to people who want to see them in their web browser. There are many places you can host your […]

First Steps To Getting Started In An Internet Business – Part 3

Through your research, you must get to know your niche very, very closely. What do the people (i.e. your potential customers) in it want, expect, and actually get? How are the other players in the niche marketing “to” them? Are you listening to what your market is saying? (This is an excellent post by Terry […]

Why I “Hate” E-Commerce (Catalog) Sites

Maybe “hate” is a little strong… but I definitely “dislike” e-commerce/catalog type sites for lots of reasons… But mainly these three: Problem #1 – Product, Product, Product They only ever seem to be about “product”! Pages and pages of product, product and more product… and not much else. Now I know that sounds a little […]

First Steps To Getting Started In An Internet Business – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series I encouraged you to look very closely at your background and the skillset you have which may help (or hinder) your online business. You should have also looked at “why” you want to set up online… your motivations for doing it! Because when you choose something you are truly […]

First Steps To Getting Started In An Internet Business – Part 1

Very Important! The FIRST thing you should do is NOT go out and purchase any domain names or web hosting. Please wait until you have a better idea of exactly WHAT you want to do online. Then you will know what you need and won’t waste any money, time or effort. One thing you’ll discover […]

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