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What’s The Biggest Single Reason People Don’t Make It Online?

In the offline world, ask any retailer why things might be a bit “slow”… and you’ll end up with heaps of different reasons! I think they have a different one for every day of the year!

And in the online world, if you were to ask e-tailers (is there such a word?) why things aren’t working out, again you’ll get some great explanations!

So let’s look at some of the reasons why LOTS of people (90%+) who try to make it online, don’t!

  • No technical knowledge/ability You don’t need to be a computer geek, but a basic knowledge of HTML, FTP and that sort of stuff would help. If you can’t develop these skills yourself, then outsource it, but you STILL need to know what you want to explain it properly so you get it!

  • Using outdated technology The old… “Oh you know, I’m using my old 386 with Windows 3.1 on it until I can afford a new computer” line. Bite the bullet and buy a half-decent modern computer. It’ll save you mountains of time and frustration in the long run. And if you are still on dial-up… really! Get broadband if you can, now!

  • Lacking some of the personal skills required How good are you at thinking? Writing? Motivating yourself? Managing your time? What about your level of confidence or those nagging self-doubts or even the fear of failure? Are you a perfectionist and won’t do anything until it’s 200% correct? What personal areas like these need to be nurtured and/or developed further?

  • Not understanding of the “basics” of online commerce and that means learning about affiliate programs, merchant processors, ClickBank, PayPal, up-sells, OTO’s etc etc. etc. Do you know what a backend is? Or an auto-responder? What about the difference between SEO and SEM? If not… find out about those basics BEFORE you quit your day job, please!

  • While we’re on that… Not knowing sound “normal” offline business principles is also a common problem. Setting up accounting systems, book-keeping, etc is still important with an online business! Developing business, marketing and exit plans are also useful.

  • No obvious contact details on web site You would be amazed at how many so-called “gurus” do NOT even have an email address at the bottom of their sales letters, let alone a proper “business” address, phone number and email address or support system for customers or potential customers. In Australia, our State Government Consumer Affairs Departments TELL consumers to NOT BUY from online merchants who don’t supply these details!

  • Not offering guarantees or refunds? Yeah… well lots of luck with that! Think very low sales rates, and possibly higher chargebacks and/or complaints through your merchant processor. Neither scenario is good for business.

  • Not enough “qualified” or “targeted” traffic coming to your web site – i.e. people interested in your actual product. Don’t go buying thousands of “visitors” because you’re wasting your money, especially if the NEXT two items are also true!

  • Crappy web site design Cheap graphics, poor navigation, limited monetization methods, no obvious calls to action, poor conversion from visitor to (prospective) buyer.

  • No opt-in methods in place If you can’t or don’t build a list of prospects, or follow-up with your customers, then you’re missing a huge potential income stream.

  • Not providing value to your customers Sure, you might be able to make a few quick bucks flogging products that don’t really do anything, to people who shouldn’t really be buying them… but even those people are (hopefully) smart enough to eventually realise that all you offer is junk.

  • Poor selection of products to sell And this is related to poor research in the first place because you should have identified whether there was a market for the product in the first place.

  • Offering Poor Support Don’t make it hard for prospects or customers to ask you a question. And then make sure you ANSWER IT in a timely and professional fashion.

  • Not “doing” anything or taking action with the knowledge and experience you may already have! Thinking that there must be a “better way” of doing something, and wasting time looking for it (see the “easy button” story). If you’ve been doing your homework and are familiar with most of what was mentioned above, then for goodness sake get started and do something or you will never make it!

  • Not giving things enough TIME to work before giving up… or jumping onto the next bandwagon. Things take time to happen, but if you are easily swayed by the latest guru pitch, or what your friend “heard” and keep trying different things, you’ll end up losing focus on what might have actually worked for you in the first place. Don’t try everything becasue the mroe you try, the less you’ll actually accomplish:)

  • I’ll say it again… things take time to happen and success almosts always requires a lot of work to achieve it. If you honestly think you can get rich quick on the ‘net, and that there is a simple “plug and play” turnkey solution that will do it for you… then go spend your money on lottery tickets instead, because the odds are probably more in your favour there!

  • Also in the mix of reasons why people do fail are
    • there’s a lot of misinformation – incorrect and incomplete information – out there, so don’t believe everything you read until you can verify that the source can be trusted
    • distractions and the resulting poor time management can also make you lose focus or delay expected outcomes
    • information overload also contributes to failure. Face it, you don’t need to know everything about something before you start on it! Just start with the basics, and again, over time, as you add to your knowledge, you can try the fancy stuff!
So there you have it… quite a few solid reasons why people don’t realise their online dreams! And I’ll certainly be addressing the vast majority of these concerns on this web site!

But the shocking reality is, all of these are just EXCUSES to cover up the “REAL” reason!

And that is….

Go to the next page (link below) to find out…

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One Response to “What’s The Biggest Single Reason People Don’t Make It Online?”

  1. JJ on June 28th, 2009 5:34 am

    This is exactly the kind of chalk talk that needs to be embedded in the average go-getters mind. It doesn’t take very long for even the greatest of minds to lack the sensibility that can come from an intense seminar or free tele-seminar. Once the momentum to carry something believable and achievable forward has a chance to settle too long without any ripples left, it becomes harder and harder to regenerate that same ripple-effect.

    In so doing, a website and online presence that will serve you and the community well is one that has a specific purpose and raises public awareness instead of just advertise.

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