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Get With The (OnLine Video Marketing) Program

I’ve been a little engrossed over the last few days… experimenting with something I know I MUST get my head around… and that’s using video to enhance my online marketing! Why? Well… it’s just the way it is 🙂 It’s the way the Internet is going, and if you aren’t keeping up with it… well […]

Avoid Becoming The Next Internet Disaster!

nid_ebook.jpgIt’s a sad but true fact that the vast majority of people who try to make it online – 96% of them – bomb out! If you’d like to see how the 4% do succeed, then Stuart Stirling’s new report “The Next Internet Disaster” shows you how to avoid becoming the next Internet Marketing Disaster in 2008, and actually make some big profits online. And there’s a funny “disaster” attached to this product launch you’ve just got to check out…

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