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Akismet Explained

This page carries a bad language or offensive behaviour warning… seriously! We’re about to go and check out the variety of comment and trackback spam you will be subjected to with your blog. Much of it is totally useless, and a lot of it most people will find offensive. So be warned… it may not […]

Modifying Your WordPress Theme

As part of the site upgrade to WordPress for Mistletoe Wines that I am currently working on, I installed a purchased custom theme which we absolutely loved the “look” of. However, there were “problems” with the actual layout of the theme, and things were not behaving the way I wanted them to. The two videos […]

WordPress Themes Explained

It won’t be long before you tire of the “default” theme which comes with your basic WordPress installation, and you’ll start looking at replacing the theme to put your own “personality” and functionality to it. There are literally thousands of free and paid WordPress themes you can choose from, and more importantly learn from so […]

Don’t Forget To Test Your Links!

I forgot to test the links after completing the basic installation and configuration of my new WordPress site. When I did, I got a rude shock! 404 errors – or “Page Not Found” errors popping up everywhere! I traced this problem back to some sort of issue with the Permalink structure I had set up […]

Essential WordPress 2.5 Basic Configurations – Video Tutorial

Once you’ve installed WordPress 2.5, there are some essential changes you really MUST make to your basic setup. This second video tutorial in my new series outlines these essential changes you must make which reflect some security and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) considerations… Duration: 9min 40 secs – File size: 12.1MB (opens in new window) […]

Installing WordPress – Video Tutorial

There’s no doubt in my mind that WordPress is an excellent content management system! It makes looking after your site so easy… and has excellent built in features that can really take you to the next level with your marketing! And.. considering it is a FREE application, and is probably already available on your cPanel […]

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