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Lights… Camera… Statistics!

Unless you’ve been under a log lately, you should have noticed my branching out into providing free video tutorials at OnLine Marketing Fundamentals. Currently these tutorials deal with my Content Management System of choice… WordPress – and some of the other essential software you’ll meet in running your online business. When I first posted these […]

“Officially” One Month Old – What’s Happened?

Wow… how time flies! It’s already been one month since the “official” launch of the OnLine Marketing Fundamentals web site, with NO big fanfare, NO paid promotion, NO big list and NO JV partners to tell the world… What’s happened in that time? What “behind the scenes” stats can I reveal to you? What revelations […]

One Week Post Launch… What’s Happened?

I’ve been watching Google closely every since I officially “launched” the OMF site just six days ago, specifically looking for three – to see how many pages have been indexed.the key phrase “online marketing fundamentals” – to see where I rank in the index for that phrasethe key words – online marketing fundamentals – […]

Building Web Sites With WordPress

Let’s take a look at how this current version (as at March 17, 2008) of the OnLine Marketing Fundamentals web site has been put together. I’ll explain why certain things have been done so you can get a better idea of what’s needed to develop your own web site. I’ve deliberately chosen to use WordPress […]

What Tools Are Used Here?

Often when you are surfing around the web, you see a site that you like and start asking yourself a lot of questions like… “How did they do that?” and “What resources did they use?” and “Why did they do it that way? Often it’s almost impossible (especially with little or no experience yourself) to […]

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