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Up For A Challenge? Starts Monday April 21!

over-the-shoulder.jpgI always get excited by live learning events, and this one is no exception!

This Monday, April 21, Derek Gehl reckons he’s going to be able to build a profitable web site from scratch in only four days, and you can watch over his shoulder as he does it!

Now if you don’t know Derek, he’s not the guy in the pic at left…

Derek is the CEO of the Internet Marketing Center, and has some tremendous firepower behind him.

Except this time, he’s going to have no product, no list, no technical help (other than the particular piece of software he’s demonstrating) and he reckons he can build a profitable business – from scratch – to making sales in just four days!

And you can actually take part in this training demonstration for free.

OK – as I said, he’s demonstrating his new Be-Biz software, so it’ll be very interesting to see how this tool performs. Whether it can take you through all the niche research and site building and seo stuff… and actually earn an income – especially in only four days.

I have a sneaky suspicion it will… 🙂

But to be honest – I have never seen this software in action!

But what I do know is – software or not – you WILL get an education on the finer key points of how to bring a new product to market!

And that itself is worth the price of admission – oh right… yeah… I forget. It’s free to watch!

Be quick to register as the show starts in just a couple of days on Monday 21 April.



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