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Do You Offer Downloadable Products?

If you offer downloadable products or freebies to your visitors – i.e. ebooks, music, mp3’s, etc – then spare a thought for a couple of things that will make life so-o-o much easier for your visitor AND for you.

As anyone who’s been to a giveaway site will attest, downloading a whole bunch of zip files and then unzipping them for sorting and filing etc, can be a harrowing experience.

And one of the main reasons why items gather digital dust on your hard drive is because your downloads were NOT organised properly when you grabbed your files.

messydesk.jpgNow this is NOT meant to be a sales pitch for any special download organiser software – although if you like, it would be an excellent opportunity for you to check out Alex Goodall’s IM Index Mind Map to help get yourself really and properly organised! If your desktop looks anything like the one at the left… then it’s probably time to take a serious close look at it 🙂

But for now, I want to offer you a suggestion…

Think back on the number of times you have downloaded a file that might have been called something like or a similar meaningless name?

And when you unzip it, instead of seeing “MyFreeReport.pdf” which you expected, you get 564fadg2.pdf which is also a bit useless! And then you spend half the night renaming most of the files you downloaded so you know what they are actually about!

Wouldn’t it be much nicer if the person who bundled up the file in the first place used some sensible naming conventions… like
100TrafficTactics-PLR.pdf which when zipped became

Even better, how about them being REALLY clever and BRANDING the name somehow to remind you where you got it from? Like this:
sspry-100TrafficTactics-PLR.pdf ::
omf-ListBuildingBasics-MRR.mp3 ::

There are several important elements here YOU should seriously try to implement if you offer downloadable products:

  1. the person or site name/abbreviation (to remind customer where they got it from – good for problems and/or more sales)
  2. The SAME name is given to the zip and pdf/mp3 etc (which “should” ALSO match the title of the product)
  3. The easily identifiable usage RIGHTS to the product
Help make your customer experience a much more pleasant one, and at the same time prevent your products wasting away unused on someone’s hard drive, with some simple, sensible file naming protocols.


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