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Getting Pretty Serious Now!

Online Marketing FundamentalsI have to warn you… I don’t proclaim to be an expert or a guru myself! My “expertise” comes from being self-taught and self-employed full-time online as a web designer since 1995. In that time, I’ve designed sites for many clients (from small businesses to large corporates) and have developed a small swag of my own.

I’ve experimented with all sorts of different “tactics” over the years to make my sites perform… or to keep them up to date… so I do know a thing or two that I can share with you in this Tactics for Advanced Marketers section.

And what I don’t know – which, to be 100% honest, will be fairly often, because I don’t know everything! – what I don’t know… I’ll be sourcing the information from those who do! There’s not going to be any garden path that you’ll be led up here!

To give you some idea of the type of information that will be contained in this “advanced” section… think in terms of the “gimmicks” that people might use to attract attention to their web sites and/or sales letters – i.e. peel away ads, pop-overs or unders… that sort of thing.

I classify that as advanced because it does require a bit of grey matter to work out where to implement such tactics, and then to actually “do” it.

Obviously there are lots of other more advanced stuff that will also be covered… Pay-per-click advertising (ala Google Adwords or similar) immediately comes to mind and is included in this category.

Along with advanced discussion on SEO, article marketing, researching niche markets, list building techniques, link cloaking… etc.

All in all… some good stuff heading your way!

And if YOU feel like you want to contribute in the form of comments… or even better, enhance your reputation as a guest author… then please feel free to do so. If there’s anything that isn’t here that should be… ask for it here!

Stephen Spry


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