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Got A

The problems with having a really long domain name, are:

  1. they take forever to type
  2. making typos can send you to the wrong place
  3. aren’t easy to remember
  4. look STUPID in email marketing when the links wrap to several lines, and
  5. when using keywords in your file names, the link can become even longerer!

For example, this domain name is – it’s 27 characters long, and I made one typo myself while writing it out just then!

When I add a link to it – e.g. this one
– it becomes HUGE and unwieldy.

And if I want to redirect you over to another site I have to use something like
again… another fairly lengthy URL, especially when it’s in an email.

There IS A Simple Solution

And it does NOT involve using tinyurl or any other similar services or software!

Simply buy a shorter domain name!

Well… “Der!” Stephen… Tell me something that’s “new”…

Well, stay with me here… Since practically all the short domain names are gone, you have to do some lateral thinking.

Now, I STILL want to use my main domain for branding and keyword purposes, but I want to use a SHORTER one, mainly for email marketing!

Since I regularly use the abbreviation OMF to describe this site when I am talking to people about it, I’ll go see if is available (it isn’t).

So… I’ll “add” something to it and see if that’s available instead!


I’ve just registered and it cost me less than $10.00

It’s just 4 characters long, and EASY to remember for us people approaching dementure…

I then went into my cPanel, selected “Parked Domains”, and “parked” this new domain name on my server on TOP of the main domain (and NO extra server expense to do this).

Now… I can refer to lengthy posts in an email by using:
(OK… it’s STILL long – but not as long as it was before)

Or even send you to my main site like this:

And because WordPress (my publishing platform) does some tricky behind the scenes “fixing” and shows my “real” domain anme in the final URL… I’m happy!

This time, from an email, I can show a redirect/tracking link like this:

It saves space and time and probably even looks better and more professional too!

Now, I could have tried for or (as in “go to” or “go”) but they looked a little strange…

After all, I don’t want people asking “What is a goomf?” and then go to Google to look it up. Because maybe the acronym for “Get Out Of My Face” does nothing for my credibility… 🙂

So that’s something ELSE to look for BEFORE you go register a name! Check for strange meanings at Google!

Hmmm… 2OMF.COM

Sounds like a radio station call sign.

Maybe I should get into podcasting and re-vitalise that short radio career I had back in the ’70’s…


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