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Newbie Marketing 101

Online Marketing FundamentalsWelcome to the first post in the “beginners” or newbies section of Online Marketing Fundamentals.

If you are only fairly new to the online scene and have been thinking about setting up shop online, then you will need a thorough understanding of the wide range of topics discussed in this category.

The main purpose of this item is just to acquaint you with the type of information you can find in this category.

Here, essential information that is totally BASIC to online marketing is discussed.

That includes INTRODUCTORY INFORMATION about such technical things as:

  • Domain Names
  • Domain Name Registrars
  • Domain Name Delegation
  • Web Hosting Basics
  • HTML Basics
  • FTP Basics
  • Auto Responders
  • and lots more
as well as the more non-technical — yeah, I know, they sound boring BUT — topics like…

  • time management
  • business planning
  • goal setting
  • project management
are just as vital to the success of your online business!

There really is a mountain of information that you need to understand BEFORE you can even begin to implement any sort of strategy to try to earn money online.

Can I suggest that you ONLY progress to information contained in the “get to the next level” category, AFTER you have digested and understood the material in this section!

Don’t be afraid to come back into this section from time to time, if there is ever anything that confuses you! Believe you me, confusion is a common marketing ploy:) so if something you’re looking at does sound a bit strange… come back here and find out if it’s right!

If you have ANY questions about anything discussed on this site, please feel free to use the comment form that is available on most of the pages. If there’s something that’s missing that you want discussed, then ask for it here!

Certainly don’t feel embarrassed about asking questions, no matter how silly they might seem – you won’t get laughed at here! There are lots of people who are in your situation and they too will benefit from the sharing that can occur here.

One Final Tip Before You Start…

Please, step through the information contained in the “Start Here” section of this site. You’ll get a much better feel for where you should “be” and what you should be doing…

I wish you all the success in your online endeavours, and hope the information on this site will help you get to where you want to go!

Stephen Spry


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