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“Officially” One Month Old – What’s Happened?

one-candle.jpgWow… how time flies!

It’s already been one month since the “official” launch of the OnLine Marketing Fundamentals web site, with NO big fanfare, NO paid promotion, NO big list and NO JV partners to tell the world…

What’s happened in that time?

What “behind the scenes” stats can I reveal to you?

What revelations have I discovered?

What strategies have I been employing to do all this?

Here goes…


The most amazing one is the speed at which Google grabs this content! The fastest I’ve been able to clock it is under 2 minutes! Also the fact that I am “up there” in the top 10 to 20 results on Google for some of the internet marketing keywords I’m targeting for this site.

The “sploggers” have discovered my posts (thanks to all those keywords) so they are appearing all over the web! Now while some might say that’s bad, it HAS boosted my Technorati ranking (790,971) and authority rating (12) over there, so that’s probably a good thing!

People are actually leaving comments on the blog, AND signing up for my feed, which is very encouraging for such early days!


  • There have been 38 posts and 17 pages placed on the site since I started…
  • Akismet has protected my site from 61 spam comments (already)
  • 7 people have subscribed to my Feedburner email “alert” – not too crash hot – yet! But hey, it’s a start!
  • The number of unique visitors has almost doubled inside the month… I had 178 in March according to my awStats, and so far for April, we’re up to 321.
  • And of these visits in April… only 39 visitors came from search engines, so my marketing on other sites is working well.
  • Alexa ranking is currently 946,106 with a one week average of 325,398 (cool!)

Not too bad for a site that’s only officially a month old! Not too bad at all!

Strategies Used

  • Writing new posts here on average one every two days.
  • Trying to create a “series” of posts (which I can possibly expand on later in a paid product) which is a very effective use of my time!
  • Making posts more interesting with images (I missed a few, and they look terrible!)
  • Commenting on other relevant sites – at least one comment a day, and I try to look for those sites which have DON’T use the “no-follow” tag 🙂 Must also look at how I can do that here to encourage more comments at this end.
  • Some “WOM” marketing i.e. “Word of Mouth”, and I suppose that ALSO includes setting up my facebook profile
  • Deep linking to different posts and pages from other sites that I have to share some page rank around… i.e. NOT only to the home page!
  • Deliberate use of anchor text and title tags in any links that I create, internal or external (when I remember)
  • Fixed image display in Feedburner (put align=left in the img html code, along with width and height elements) AND made sure I used the FULL URLs to the images and any links I put in a post!
  • Got new and shorter domain name to ( to use for email marketing.

So there you go… some interesting feedback on what’s going on here at OMF!


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