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Start Here

start hereOne thing I’ve noticed about a lot of people trying to set up business online is that they quickly start to suffer from information overload! Because there’s such a massive array of possibilities to consider… of new information that needs to be learnt… that they end up in a state of confusion, not knowing where to start at all.

End result? Inaction!

Savvy online marketers use this knowledge to urge you to “take action” – to “do” something right now – presumably buying their latest product…

And that’s probably the WORST thing you can do right at that point in time.

Why? Because far too many people entering into a new business venture – online or off – make the often fatal mistake of taking the wrong sort of actions and “diving in boots and all” BEFORE they’ve done their homework.

Homework? What homework?

Ah… that would be all the necessary research and planning that should happen before you jump in.

And that includes working out exactly HOW that product you’re being “encouraged” to take action with right now actually fits into your online business model!

For starters…

»» There’s Your “Brilliant” Idea