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Your “Brilliant” Idea?

start hereTo be brutally honest, you’ll probably have hundreds of brilliant ideas every day… but there really aren’t many that can be turned around to grow a long-term, sustainable business from.

Ideas are just that – ideas!

And, despite how wonderful one might sound in your head (or perhaps even written down on paper) it’s nothing until you’ve done the groundwork to determine if it actually has any real substance to it. Whether, through careful planning, it can be taken to the next level.

No matter how positive you are that whatever “it” is will be the next best thing since sliced bread… no matter how eager and excited you are… what you must do first is make sure this great idea has some legs upon which it can stand!

And that means DON’T take any action – well, not immediately anyway.

The first step with any “brilliant” idea is to just let it sit for a while!

Does it still sound so wonderful in a day or two?

If it does, then start to think about what you might be getting yourself into. Think about how things should be done to bring the idea to life!

Make sure the first action you take is to look at all the “what ifs” before you get in over your head!

And that means you have to…

»» Make The Time To Do Your Research