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Stick With It!

Information overload leads to you being bombarded with hundreds of different marketing ideas… and hundreds of possibilities to consider… and that results in an extremely non-productive phenomenon called “program hopping”. One moment “this” product sounds like the one you need… then next week, “that” product is defintely the one… and so on.

The end result being you don’t seem to be actually really “doing” anything much at all… and eventually you decide to chuck in the towel and give it all away.

Considering the amount of effort and money already expended… that’s a real shame, especially since you are probably so-o-o close to actually getting it right!

There are no overnight success stories on the ‘net! Everything takes time! Time to set up… to build on… before you do actually start to see some results for your efforts.

Because people chop and change from one great idea to the next, they don’t give the original idea time to incubate… to get started… before moving onto trying out another scheme to see if that “works” – often with the same fate!

So it’s important that you Develop A PLAN,

and then Stick With It!

Give things time to work, and don’t give up too early!

I hope that, with the information on this site, you’ll be able to see your future a little clearer!


»»Since I originally wrote this section, I’ve added a fairly hefty post on the biggest reasons for online failure. I strongly recommend you have a look at around 50 excuses people can use to explain why they might have failed!