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STOP Looking For This

I really want to save you an enormous amount of trouble and wasted time… by showing you right here what everyone who wants to set up online is looking for on the Internet.

Here it is!

And it’s the only place on the whole internet you’ll find it…

The Easy Button

Seriously… now that you’ve found it…

Please don’t waste any more time looking for the “easy” button… because it doesn’t really exist!

The road to success online is like my first trip over the Nullabor Plain some 35 years ago! It was a very rough and very long dirt track at the time in 1972.

There was lots of bull dust, extremely bumpy, some really hazardous sections at times, and required constant hard work to keep driving in the right direction! And I won’t ever forget the highly inflated prices you had to pay for the essentials – i.e. petrol!

Sure… NOW it’s tar-sealed all the way so the trip is much more pleasant!

Like marketing online, it’s the same when you first get started… So look at it as a journey – not a destination.

Too deep?

I hope not.



One Response to “STOP Looking For This”

  1. fiona ogilvie on October 22nd, 2008 5:51 pm

    hehe that is really funny i like the way you think


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