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Modifying Your WordPress Theme

As part of the site upgrade to WordPress for Mistletoe Wines that I am currently working on, I installed a purchased custom theme which we absolutely loved the “look” of. However, there were “problems” with the actual layout of the theme, and things were not behaving the way I wanted them to.

The two videos on this page outline some of the changes I had to make to this theme to get it to “do” what I wanted.

While they do cover some advanced WordPress concepts, I do strongly encourage you to endeavour to learn how to actually make these sorts of changes with the themes that you use. Set up a WordPress “playground” on a sub-domain which the public won’t see, and “play” with the code so you can see what happens!

You won’t become an expert overnight, but you will (eventually) pick up enough knowledge to become dangerous… and that will help you make minor modifications to your theme and make help it stand out from all the other people out there who might be using the same theme that you are. As long as you maintain a backup copy of all the files that “work” you can’t do too much major damage 🙂

The first video investigates the right and wrong ways to make changes to your WordPress Themes.

Changing WP Themes
Duration: 7 min 6 secs – File size: 9.5 MB (opens in new window)

The second video introduces some fairly advanced concepts behind creating custom php pages to mix static and dynamic content.

Advanced WP Theme Changes
Duration: 9 min 55 secs – File size: 13.5 MB (opens in new window)


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