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Don’t Forget To Test Your Links!

I forgot to test the links after completing the basic installation and configuration of my new WordPress site.

When I did, I got a rude shock! 404 errors – or “Page Not Found” errors popping up everywhere!

I traced this problem back to some sort of issue with the Permalink structure I had set up for /%postname%/

For some (still) unexplained reason, WordPress would NOT update the .htaccess file on my server. When I placed one with the correct information there, that then generated a server error.

Following up with my web hosting company revealed nothing, so I had NO alternative but to move the domain to a new hosting company where I knew things worked as they are supposed to!

The video below may help you understand the problem I was facing… and how I went about troubleshooting it!

WordPress Permalink Problem
Duration: 3 min 43 secs – File size: 7.8 MB (opens in new window)

I don’t think it was a WordPress problem… rather some sort of server configuration issue which my old hosting provider couldn’t be bothered investigating or fixing… oh well!


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