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WordPress Themes Explained

It won’t be long before you tire of the “default” theme which comes with your basic WordPress installation, and you’ll start looking at replacing the theme to put your own “personality” and functionality to it.

There are literally thousands of free and paid WordPress themes you can choose from, and more importantly learn from so that you can eventually make minor modifications to your free (or paid) theme, or even develop your own once you gain the skills needed.

WordPress Theme Changes
Duration: 9 min 14 secs – File size: 10.0 MB (opens in new window)

Video Summary:

  • This video explains the concept of themes and how changing themes can give your web site a totally different look (easily).
  • Check Brian for a good selection of free and paid themes.
  • How to upload your (unzipped) theme files using Filezilla to your /wp-content/themes directory, and activate the chosen theme within WordPress (Design tab)
  • Upload two plugins to the /wp-content/plugins folder (read the readme file with each plugin to find out what to upload)
  • The custom theme I wanted had “problems” with the layout… so now I have to go “fiddle” with the php files in the theme to work out what’s going wrong… more on that in the next video.


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