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Continuity Programs – Getting Started OnLine – Part 8

Perhaps the “best” way to make money online – or offline for that matter – is to develop some sort on “continuity” program, where a recurring fee is charged to allow customers to continue to use that service. The first example of this you would have already met online is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) […]

Akismet Explained

This page carries a bad language or offensive behaviour warning… seriously! We’re about to go and check out the variety of comment and trackback spam you will be subjected to with your blog. Much of it is totally useless, and a lot of it most people will find offensive. So be warned… it may not […]

Modifying Your WordPress Theme

As part of the site upgrade to WordPress for Mistletoe Wines that I am currently working on, I installed a purchased custom theme which we absolutely loved the “look” of. However, there were “problems” with the actual layout of the theme, and things were not behaving the way I wanted them to. The two videos […]

WordPress Themes Explained

It won’t be long before you tire of the “default” theme which comes with your basic WordPress installation, and you’ll start looking at replacing the theme to put your own “personality” and functionality to it. There are literally thousands of free and paid WordPress themes you can choose from, and more importantly learn from so […]

Making Money From Affiliate Programs – Getting Started OnLine – Part 7

The idea of Affiliate Programs is quite simple… Your send your visitors or customers to a related merchant site. If they buy, you earn a commission, which can range anywhere from 2% for some physical products, to up to 100% for info-products. But it’s a numbers game! A very BIG numbers game! And unless you […]

Do You Offer Downloadable Products?

If you offer downloadable products or freebies to your visitors – i.e. ebooks, music, mp3’s, etc – then spare a thought for a couple of things that will make life so-o-o much easier for your visitor AND for you. As anyone who’s been to a giveaway site will attest, downloading a whole bunch of zip […]

How Little Do Your Visitors Read?

Web usability expert Jakob Nieslen recently reported that: “On the average Web page, users have time to read at most 28% of the words during an average visit; 20% is more likely.” It seems that web surfers don’t waste much time in deciding on the usefulness of a web page… and the longer the page, […]

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