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About OMF

online marketing fundamentalsThere’s far too much B.S., hype and over-the-moon promises being made by people who should know better, to encourage people who don’t know any better, to spend a small fortune and buy their latest whatever, and become an overnight Internet success story!

This sort of stuff been going on for well over a decade, and even now the Internet is not much better than in good ole the wild-wild west days! And it’s probably only going to get worse.

The trouble is… how do YOU know WHO to believe? Who to trust?

I mean… anyone can say you “won’t find any snake-oil peddlers here!”

And anyone can say that they provide “solid, practical information and advice on what you really need to know to set up your online business.”

And they might… or they might be just full of bull!

So again… how do you know that what I am presenting has any merit?

Well, I’d encourage you to take a close look at my story. Look at that snapshot of what this Internet veteran has been up to on the net since becoming a full-time self employed web designer in November 1995. Google “stephen spry” Australia to verify the claims I make.

So…. with that in mind…

Welcome to the Online Marketing Fundamentals web site.

I am sure that the material on this site will prove valuable to you.

And remember… this IS a Bull Free Zone (hence the picture of the cow in case you were wondering…)

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