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Adwords Keyword Tool Treasure

The Google Adwords keyword tool is often used for keyword research to generate keyword ideas by the bucketload! However there’s a fairly obvious but very underutilized option you should have a close look at.

Normally once you click in to the Adwords keyword tool, you see this:

Adwords Keyword Tool Default Option

Most people just enter the keywords they want to expand upon, and hit the “Get Keyword Ideas” button!

But look what happens when you click on the “Website content” button on the left hand side…

Adwords Keyword Tool Website Content Option

Now you can add the url of any web site or page anywhere on the ‘net, and see the keywords the search engines can see, and get suggestions on those!

Play with it and see what you can come up with – you might be very surprised to see what your existing sites (or your competitor’s sites) actually show.

And once you get in and see some of the statistics that Google offers you about each keyword… Wow!

It’s pretty amazing stuff!


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