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First Steps To Getting Started In An Internet Business – Part 4

When I first started my research into the Internet Marketing niche, I thought that I might concentrate on two things.

The first was selling resell rights products. After all… someone else has already gone to the trouble of creating it, so you don’t have to! All you have to do is sell it… and rake in the profits…

junkWhile that sounded like a good idea, the “junk” factor has killed it in my eyes! I don’t want to create a reputation of peddling even more of the same crap to a market already saturated with it.

My biggest gripe with many resell rights products is the number of links the “author” has included within them, which YOU don’t make anything from.

Sure… you got your 100% commissions on the sale, but after that? Your “customer” gets sucked into someone else’s sales machine, and they are probably promoting the same stuff you are. So… who is your “customer” more likely to buy from?

OK… you could try Private Label Rights products instead.

Here you MUST re-write and re-brand them to make them uniquely yours. Again, it sounds like a good idea, but the reality is that most are poorly written and need extensive re-working to make them even half decent. If you make the mistake of trying to sell them in the same state in which you bought them – complete with using the canned sales letter that came with it, you’re not going to be building a business…

Something everyone says you should aspire to is developing your own info-product so I’ve had several info-products on and off the boil for over six months…

But remember my “distraction” problem I identified in Part 1 of this series? That has proven to be a big hindrance to my ability to complete large projects like e-books. And I do mean large! They were going to be 100+ pages with audio and video, auto-responder sequences, full support etc., included.

So just recently, I finally decided that I would never be able to “complete” an e-book to those standards. It would just take too long to tie all the lose ends together to the point where I would be happy to set it loose on the world!

Should I add almost anal “perfectionism” to my list of bad points too? Or is that a good point in this market where a lot of the advice you are given is to just “go for it” and “take action” even if it’s not perfect or not ready?

Yeah really… Who cares if you release a pile of crap? As long as people are willing to part with their money, who gives a @#@% ?

Sorry, but that is not me… and it’s not like a lot of other people I know either.

Speaking Of People…

As part of your niche research, you (hopefully) would have found a few people in that niche who seem to be doing things “right”. Their methods just seem to “fit” with what you would like to do.

Maybe these are the people you might like to emulate? Yes, they may also be your “competitors”, but who better to learn from?

I have found a few people I really like in this niche… and they are sort of like my “secret” mentors… i.e. they don’t officially know it, yet 🙂

I’m looking very closely at what they do and how they are doing it. I’m taking part in the discussions at their sites/blogs, etc.

If I am going to develop anything in this Internet Marketing niche, it will be modelled around the efforts of these people, including:

Lee McIntyre, through his zero hype internet marketing blog, shows how providing immense value to your visitors for free will develop long term relationships.

Jack Humphrey is your man if you want to know about blog marketing and social networks.

Terry Dean is an Internet Business Coach who enjoys Internet Marketing and doesn’t compromise his values.

While you may never get to “hang out” with people like these, they are definitely worth watching!

At the same time, remember that you can quickly become physically “isolated” in the online world – i.e. work by yourself, from home, few outside contacts, etc – so it’s important for you to make contact with people who can offer you personal assistance / advice with what you are doing. Having a good (real) mentor will help keep you accountable, on task and focussed!

Meanwhile… Back to Me… 🙂

So… faced with a whole pile of different internet business models I could pursue, I decided I wanted to develop:

  • a quality information web site which would give people a taste of what I was on about for free, and what I could do for them – i.e. develop the trust, offer LOTS of great content, excellent value, etc., and then…

  • use that as a platform to promote whatever income producing “angle” I thought was appropriate for my market (once I got to know them a bit better) and which suits me. Key to that is a brand new member’s area, something I’m working on as we speak…
This technique allows me to share lots of smaller nuggets of very valuable information regularly. Each nugget can be finished and published in under a day! I can do the research AND get it out there – quickly! And once I have the monetization methods in place, I will actually get paid almost as soon as I do it.

And it works for me despite my “distraction” problem identified earlier!

Because they are only snippets of almost “random” information (albeit all related to Internet marketing in some way) I don’t get distracted by the thousands of other things going on in my head… They can easily be put aside for the shorter time it takes to write an article.

So personally, there’s a bigger sense of accomplishment because I get more “done”, which results in higher motivation to keep doing it!

Does that sound like a good plan to you?

It’s a plan which recognises my “bad points” so I can concentrate on something which will work for me without losing that all-important focus!

There’s only one downside to it. I have to stay on all these “lists” of other marketers so I can keep in touch with what’s going on in the industry. Oh well…

What’s the next step?

We’ll get to monetization in the next item in this series.

For now, ask yourself…

“How do your personal values affect what you intend to do online?

Are you going to be happy peddling recycled material, or are you going to go for something unique?


Rise Above The Noise… Don’t Be Part Of It!

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