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Making Money From Affiliate Programs – Getting Started OnLine – Part 7

money-tree.jpgThe idea of Affiliate Programs is quite simple…

Your send your visitors or customers to a related merchant site. If they buy, you earn a commission, which can range anywhere from 2% for some physical products, to up to 100% for info-products.

But it’s a numbers game!

A very BIG numbers game!

And unless you have LOTS of visitors to refer to your merchants, it is very unlikely that you will make lots of money from affiliate marketing.

For most people, affiliate marketing can at best provide only small amounts of pocket money. There are very few people who make a full-time living solely from the promotion of affiliate products.

The temptation is to sign up with LOTS of affiliate programs… The thinking here is that the more you take part in, the more money you can make.

That’s not necessarily the case, so please resist this temptation to sign up for multiple affiliate programs!

You WILL quickly find yourself spending all your time “managing” things…

Things like broken links, changing/expiring campaigns, keeping up to date with new products etc. And you HAVE to stay on top of it, because nothing looks more unprofessional than links or banners that just don’t work!

You’ll probably even quickly forget that you ever signed up for 80% of the programs unless you DO something about it straight away.

The “secret” to being a successful affiliate marketer lies in the…

Careful selection and testing of just a limited and manageable number of products that are very closely related to your target market and their needs.

You do NOT want to promote hundreds of items that don’t convert as they distract your audience from the few that do work.

You want to find, say a dozen, that work for you most of the time. Preferably one or more of those will have a recurring income component to them – i.e. a membership program which you earn ongoing monthly commissions from.

For example promoting a web hosting service which is very suitable for internet marketing, is just one affiliate model used on the OMF site.

So how do you know which affiliate programs are going to work?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer other than testing different products with your market!

And that’s going to take time… Allow at least a couple of weeks to a month and track your statistics. Know how many people have seen your affiliate “ad”. Know how many have clicked through to the merchant offer (use a redirect script which can track those clicks).

If it’s NOT getting results (sales) in that time… then kill it! Use the space for something else that brings more value to you and your market.


The more choices your offer your visitors… the more decisions you try to force people to make… the more likely they are to take the easy decision. Specifically, that big red “X” in the top corner of their browser, or the “unsubscribe” link in your promotional emails.


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