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Monetisation Through Advertising – Getting Started Online – Part 6

In Part 5 of this series I implored you to make building a list your number one objective in your web site monetisation strategy.

Building a list implies follow-up marketing with your prospects and earning money from the highly profitable “back-end” (or hidden from the general public) communications you make.

But before we get to the “back-end”, you need to look at the other, more “visible” approaches you can take to monetise your web site!

eggs in one basketA common rule of thumb is to include at least THREE different monetisation methods on every page of your web site so you don’t put all of your eggs in the same basket.

This maximises your chances of getting a return on the investment of time, effort and money you are making on putting your brilliant idea into practice!

So what are some of the other two methods you might use to monetise the “front” end?

Well… these are NOT listed in any order of preference… and I’m not going into too much detail on each one here other than making a quick, relevant comment.

Again, these possibilities need further investigation and solid research to determine which are appropriate to your business model, and which also suit your personal style.


Google’s Adsense Program

Adsense allows you to put ads from the Google AdWords program on your web site. These are targeted at the content on each page. And you share in the revenue with Google when people click on the ad.

I have earned some good money from Google since this was first introduced in 2003. But it hasn’t worked on all the sites I’ve tried it on. One site regularly earns in excess of $1500 a month. Another group of NINE sites are lucky to make $20 in total every month.

In other words…

The results from Adsense vary considerably across different niches.

You probably won’t find many sites in the Internet Marketing or Webmaster niches with Adsense ads, simply because the “customers” are pretty savvy about what these ads “do”… so they simply don’t click on them.

For example, my “Internet Marketing Toolbox” site (live for 10 months) has earned less than $10 in that time! And when I get the chance, I’ll be killing those ads over there and putting something ELSE in their place!

How do I know how much that site earns?

I have a “channel” assigned to that site which tracks everything there. I also have other channels assigned to different ad placements and sizes on all of my sites, so I know which parts are performing (or not).

Will Adsense work for you?

There’s no definitive answer, and you can only test it for yourself and that includes trying different sized ads in different places on the page. While you might earn some pennies for the people who click off your site, remember the downside…

People clicked off your site!

Adsense – in fact, ANY advertisement – only adds to the possible confusion your visitors might experience when they come to your site.

Give your visitors too many options and what happens?


They will leave if you make it too hard for them to decide what to do!

Similarly, poor site structure, navigation and mixed messages can have the same effect!

Distractions take people away from your primary monetisation objectives!

Banner Advertising

Once upon a time, those little 468×60 ads across the top of the page used to work well at attracting attention.

Nowadays, people just don’t see them (it’s a phenomenon called “banner blindness”).

If you are ever told that the CTR (click through rates) on these is high, then that person is telling big porkpies! CTR’s are horrible on this type of ad.

From a banner program I run on another site, the best I’ve got has been 0.63% or around 1 click in every 159 exposures. Most of the other ones were only getting 0.14% or 1 click in 698 exposures.

Think about it this way… it might be a little clearer.

For that 0.14% ad… it was shown 229,524 times! And got only 329 clicks on it.

For the 0.63% ad – the same number of exposures would have resulted in around 1,445 clicks.

Pretty dismal results really!

trafficSome very high trafficked sites ARE able to charge good money for advertising those 125×125 square ads – anywhere from $50 to even thousands a month… depending on their traffic. But I’d also want to know what the average CTR’s were before I parted with my money 🙂

But again… you don’t really know until you TEST things do you?

As far as a monetisation strategy for yourself? It might be something to aspire to once you reach “rock star” status, but for starters? Best not bank on it!

Next time?

We’ll have a look at one of the most common ways people try to make money online… with affiliate programs.


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