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Online Marketing Fundamentals – Beta Version

The Online Marketing Fundamentals (OMF) web site is currently in a beta or developmental phase. If you somehow stumbled across it right now (March 7th 2008) chances are you’ll see things in a state of confusion LOL

Not really… but things may not quite be right as I’m putting the various final touches onto the site over the next few days prior to the official “launch” towards the middle of March

But as you have discovered this site during this testing phase, please feel free to leave some approriate feedback and let me know what you think.

Despite the fact that the Internet has been around now for quite some time (and so have I been online since 1995), it is still very much like the frontiers of the wild, wild west back in the 1800’s!

There’s lots of unclaimed territory, and lots of people out to make a killin’

But the one thing you won’t find here are all the “snake oil” sales people! They’re banned!

I’m very excited about the positive benefits the serious and factual information contained on this site will bring to those people who are keen to learn about setting up and marketing their business online.

I’ll talk to you more shortly.

Stephen Spry


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